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Project summary

At Zynga, application screenshots are very important marketing assets. A set of screenshots were usually reserved for game soft launches, world-wide launches, and major feature updates.

I worked closely with the Product Marketing Managers and Game Teams to define which key features would effectively show off the game.


My primary role (and goal) was to create such visually enticing designs that users felt compelled to download that game from the iOS and Google Play marketplaces. In my group, having great download stats was a badge of honor.

From concept to completion, my turnaround time for a full set of 20 screens was about 3-5 days.


• Although most Zynga games used one screen orientation, there were a couple that required both landscape and portrait. This essentially doubled the deliverables from 4 to 8 sizes per screenshot.

• We always had to be aware of new devices coming to market, especially from Apple. In the case of the iPad Pro, the screens were significantly larger at 2048 x 2732 pixels.

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