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Black Mountain Construction | Development specializes in luxury estates, residential tower construction, remodels and commercial development in the Bay Area. They pride themselves on their superior craftsmanship, and offer a wealth of experience in both the construction and development fields.

Wanting to appeal to media savvy clientele, the owner recognized the value of having a stronger social media presence for his company.


I was brought in to develop a variety of marketing materials for the company and help them improve their social media presence. I also advised them on managing their company pages, and how to leverage analytics to increase user engagement.

Moreover, I developed campaign specifications, documents, and post templates that would enable the in-house staff to create their own content once my contract was complete.


• 24 page full color hardbound brochure with dust cover

• Design and management of the BMCD Linkedin Company page

• Campaign concepts and scheduling options for future marketing events

• Design and deployment of posts for Linkedin and Instagram accounts

• Branded Word templates for RFIs and Proposals

marketing brochure
The owner needed printed brochures for a critical meeting scheduled with a potential client. The deadline was extremely tight at a week and a half from concept to delivery of 5 printed books. Fortunately I had access to their stunning high resolution project photos, which expedited the design process considerably.

After doing some research on print vendors, I went with Mixbook – a service that lets customers create custom photo books via its online interface.
But there were some issues with their tool. I needed to figure out how to make a design done in Illustrator look the same in Mixbook's interface. Although my solution was fundamentally sound, Mixbook doesn't offer press-checks. We were already paying a rush charge so there were no do-overs. I was actually a little worried.

In the end there was no need. Mixbook delivered all five brochures on time, the print quality was gorgeous and best of all – the owner was very pleased.

Linkedin company page
A LinkedIn company page provides businesses with the opportunity to tell the company's story, engage with and acquire followers, increase word of mouth marketing, and share new career opportunities.



Social Media posts
Initially, Black Mountain opted to go with Linkedin and Instagram as their primary social platforms. To help them get started, my services included:

• Post visual design and copy
• Post scheduling and uploads
• Instagram carousel template for multiple slides
• Post design templates for both platforms
• Post tracking documents for both platforms

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