Gates foundation | 'uncap learning' presentation
Design + Development
Project summary

In 2011, Intific Inc. and Ramona Pierson teamed up to create an interactive proposal for the Gates Foundation seeking a grant for her start-up, Declara.

The start-up's technology included customized learning tools for individual students that combine semantic search, predictive analytics, and machine learning to build their learning platform. The platform is able to create personalized 'learning maps' with custom course materials for each student.

Intific fully funded this presentation as a business investment and potential content partnership with Declara.

My Role

I was brought in by Intific's Creative Director to design, develop, and deliver the entire presentation from start to finish.

Here's what that included:

  • Drafting the presentation outline
  • Writing the presentation story
  • Visual design and layout
  • Creation of Flash graphic assets
  • Flash implementation


1. Ramona was adamant that the presentation be in Flash.

2. Ramona has visual impairments, so the presentation's navigation strategy needed to gracefully compensate.

3. There were 45+ interactive "slides" with animation and seamless transitions between each.

4. The total time frame was 22 days – from kickoff to delivery including revisions and debugging.

Presentation Sample


This presentation was the last project I scripted in AS 2.0. While it was fine for 2011, in 2019 that made converting the old .fla file to an HMTL 5 canvas for this portfolio a big problem. After looking at various solutions, I decided to use After Effects to simulate a section of the original presentation to showcase the cadence and animations.

visual design - key screens

With forty five unique screens required for this project, designing pixel perfect comps from the get go is simply working smarter. Not only did it streamline the approval process for both the visual design and Flash piece, it made creating the Flash assets relatively effortless.

sprint schedule
an agile approach

I took an Agile approach to developing the presentation because the Gates Foundation meeting had already been set. The turn-around time was extremely tight and extending the deadline was not an option. To keep everything on track, I held frequent scrums with the Intific Creative Director throughout the project's duration.

Sprint 1:

Sprint 2 & 3:

Sprint 4:
Alternate days until 10/15. Then daily starting 10/16.

Sprint 5:
2x daily until the punchlist was complete.

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