Project summary

In 2013 Emotiv Lifesciences began developing a sleek, multi-channel, wireless eeg headset designed for consumer use.

To help fund production costs, the company decided to raise money on Kickstarter. Astoundingly, the campaign reached its target goal of $150k in less than 3 hours and ultimately raised over 1.6 million.

A small part of that funding went into developing the app that would be shipped with the headset.

The app's purpose was essentially two-fold. First, as a way introduce new users to the benefits of the technology, and as the mechanism for transmitting the raw EEG data to the Emotiv cloud server for analysis.


Insight Consumer App
I worked directly with the Emotiv Lifesciences CEO and product team to define the application's functionality and design user features. My contributions to this project included application flowcharts, wireframes, functional prototyping, and visual design.

This application was developed for use at the TEDMED 2013 Conference. Its purpose was to record participant EEG signals to reveal how engaged, excited and emotionally connected their brains were during the speaker sessions. My role was to design the application, document its functionality, build a prototype and create final visual comps in three weeks for handoff to the development team in Vietnam.


Consumer Features:
• Improve cognitive potential and focus
• Manage stress levels
• Track learning and task progress
• Get immediate and comparative feedback
• Upload and attach photos to tasks
• Create custom performance reports
• Share and compare scores with other users
• Record brain activity any time, anywhere

Clinical Features:
• Neurocognitive monitoring for care-givers
• Tele-medicine eeg recording reviews
• Medical research screening

Case Studies

TEDMED 2013 Conference: How EEG signals reveal participant engagement and emotional connection during speaker sessions.

Human Machine Interaction: Converting brain waves into digital signals to enhance human interaction with machines.

Education: Arizona State's Next Generation Learning Environment is using Emotiv technology to improve cognitive performance in students.

Market Research: Understanding how campaigns resonate with consumers by using emotional response analysis through EEG & eye tracking.

Usability Studies: Using brain data to validate ideas and expedite usability testing.

Application Flowcharts

I provided concise product documentation and final assets to our engineers before they started to code, which expedited the development process considerably. Despite the inherent time-zone challenges between Vietnam and the US, the development team was able to deliver a fully functional product in little over two weeks.


More so than the flowcharts, it was the detailed, 1:1 wireframes that helped the team significantly trim their development time.

Visual Design
High Resolution Mock-ups

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