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Project summary

Zynga is notorious for its extremely fast-paced production environment. There were aggressive delivery deadlines to make every week so working on multiple projects was par for the course, and for a deadline-obsessed designer like me, it was heaven.


As a senior designer for the Creative Marketing Team, my role was to conceptualize and develop digital marketing and video content for User Acquisition, Social Media and Live Ops campaigns across Zynga’s entire game portfolio.

day-to-day design

• Display ad campaigns

• Cross-promotional ads

• Poster frames + end cards

• Social assets for multiple channels

Display Ads

Our static ad design process began with creating 3 unique comps for UA review. Once approved, the design was adjusted to work in 32 unique sizes ranging from a spacious 1920x1080 to a challenging 480x32 banner.

Turnaround time for both the comps and a complete set of ads was 2.5 days.

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Social Posts

For the most part I supported Words with Friends, a team who was very active on social media. They ran frequent marketing campaigns, had weekly word challenges and kept their users (and me) well engaged.

From a process perspective, the social media manager would provide me with a submission schedule and a brief summary of each post's objective. The creativity part was totally up to me.

At Zynga, post assets came in 2 sizes - square for Instagram/Facebook and landscape for Twitter.

Video Carousels

Statistically, Instagram and Facebook video carousels get 1.4x more reach and 3.1x more engagement than regular posts. So at Zynga, we used video carousels to increase brand awareness for new games or to showcase new features for an existing one. Our carousels were generally 4-5 video panels. Each panel averaged about 5 seconds and included audio and sound effects.

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