• iPhone 4 with an olloclip macro lens
  • Canon T3i with a 100mm macro lens

I haven't always been a gardener, but in 2010 after years of working at startups, the yard had become such an overgrown mess, it was time to do something about it.

The first step was to call Yoell's Hauling who, equipped with two guys and their machetes, cleared every piece of bio-mass in about 4 hours. For the first time in years I could actually see dirt, so I got busy.

In the three months that followed I built a chicken coop + pen, a compost bin, 3 large planter boxes and installed a zillion plants and vegetables.

Field Notes

But the funny thing about San Francisco is finding out what does well here, AND what does well year to year because that will definitely change.

olloclip lens

Twain was right – our summers are just too cold. So after two years of failure, I gave up on growing vegetables entirely.

That's when I started planting native flowers and the results were amazing. The entire garden became this vibrant swath of color with countless birds, bees and butterflies flying through all day.

Initially I took photos to share with family and friends, but after buying an olloclip quick-connect lens for my iPhone 4, it became hugely fun. I've always had a love for macro photography. The details and patterns you can see are simply breathtaking, especially in Nature.

Some day I'll buy that gorgeous $1000 1-5x macro lens for my Canon, but for now the $65 olloclip will just have to do.


Flora Grubb
Annie's Annuals & Perennials
Sloat Garden Centers
San Francisco Botanical Gardens


Blue passion flower - Passiflora loefgrenii x caerulea
This rare vine produces gorgeous 4' blooms from Spring until late Fall.

Love it? You can find it at Annie's Annuals
Buy online or visit their fantastic 2 acre nursery in Richmond, CA.


Hot Lips - Salvia microphylla


Wild Flower - San Francisco Botanical Gardens


Bougainvillea - Potrero Hill Community Garden


Mystery Weed - Potrero Hill Community Garden


Fuzzy Leaf - Annie's Annuals Nursery


Wild Radish - Raphanus raphanistrum


Flowering Tobacco - Nicotiana mutabilis

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