• Director of Design
  • Neuroheadset development
  • Web site design + development
  • Corporate communications
  • Product packaging
  • Trade shows

Emotiv Systems is an Australian electronics company that developed a revolutionary human-computer interface which enables direct interaction with computer software through thoughts alone.

The Emotiv EPOC is a high resolution, multi-channel, wireless neuroheadset that tunes into the user’s thoughts, feelings and facial expressions by listenting to the electric signals [EEG] produced by the brain.

Three detection suites are incorporated into the Emotiv EPOC…

The Expressiv suite
Interprets real-time facial expressions, making game characters and avatars come to life.

The Affectiv suite
Monitors player emotional states, and provides an extra dimension in interaction by allowing an application to respond to users’ emotions.

The Cognitiv suite
Interprets conscious thoughts and intent, so users can manipulate virtual objects.

Product Development

My original role at Emotiv didn't include designing headsets, but in 2006 I began developing a number of working prototypes so engineering could make progress while the final product was being designed. While far from perfect, this Alpha headset became the development workhorse until 2008.

2008 Product Launch

In 2008, Emotiv Systems launched a new website to announce its upcoming Fall product release. Unlike the previous "stealth" 2006 version, this site actively engaged visitors with headset feature info, social media, and free SDK downloads for the adventurous.


Every November, we began the gruelling push for the March GDC show. It was our big show of the year, so for the next three months the entire company would work non-stop to get everything perfect.

My responsibilities covered everything from booth procurement and design to give-aways, marketing videos and printed brochures.

My Patents:

Electrode Headset


Headset for Electrodes

Electrode Conductive Element


My original role at Emotiv didn't actually include designing headsets, but we'd tried several Industrial Design shops with disappointing results and needed to make some progress.


Neuroheadset Development – Alpha


Electrode Development


Website Design and Development


Product Packaging


Trade Shows

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