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Client: Zynga

The FarmVille brand is often used as an iconic reference to social gaming, so this was a major launch for Zynga, and a critical opportunity to not only attract new gamers, but lapsed ones as well.

Farmville 2 is a beautiful game with its high-end 3D graphics and more strategic gameplay. It delivers a uniquly new farming experience that is richer and more full of life. It's a world full of color, movement and activities where animals graze and crops bend in the breeze.

My job was to design a unique identity for FarmVille 2 that was clearly an evolution of the existing brand. The team felt that the new logo needed to be more contemporary and fresh, showing potential players that farming has a brand new face with a new experience to match.

In the end Farm2 was a big success for Zynga. For good reason too because it’s a sweet little game, the Product team was pleasure to work with, and I’m proud to have contributed my little bit to it’s creation.


“Of all our contractors, you REALLY get the Zynga brand.
Our colors, our style... everything!”

- Jeff Reese, Product Marketing


Final Deliverable


Early Explorations


Sunflower Motif Explorations


Beta Testing Logo – Early Explorations

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