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Client: Total Immersion Software

Two of the most common ailments when ascending high altitudes are Acute Mountain Sickness and High Altitude Pulmonary Edema (HAPE). HAPE can be a life-threatening illness for military personnel deployed in mountainous regions.

The UI for this simulation is fairly simple but provides enough depth for the user to move around, take notes and converse with each Marine. The simulation has three distinct phases: Marching, Rest, and Camp.

During the Marching phase the user is able to observe other Marines for signs of illness such as fatigue and coughing, or for more subtle symptoms like headaches and malaise.

Focused Observation mode allows the user to take a closer look at any selected Marine. In this mode the user can initiate direct conversation with the soldier and pick up on any visual signs of ailment. Depending on the phase, Focused Observation offers options for taking notes, using diagnostic tools and providing basic treatment. This mode is only active during the Rest and Camp Phases.

High Altitude Trainer also includes a robust scoring system and a scenario builder for customizing entities, force definitions, and environmental factors.

This immersive training application was developed for the US Marine Corps in Camp Pendleton, CA.

USMC Camp Pendleton


“Sports athletes who train in high altitude environments don’t have to do so with thirty pounds of gear on, but combat athletes like the Marines do.”

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Marching Phase


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