• iPhone 4 with an olloclip macro lens

When I was a kid, I was absolutely terrified of bees and their evil wasp kin. Although I'd never actually been stung, just the thought of being stung turned me into a squealing ball of fear whenever one came too close.

Now I can't get enough of them.

Last year I planted a bazillion pollinator-friendly flowers in the garden to help encourage more visits. Then around mid-summer the Pepper tree went into bloom and Oy vey!

There were so many bees in that tree you could hear them over 20 feet away buzzing like little chainsaws.

victorian bee

Field Notes

After doing a few of these insect shots I started to notice something interesting –
I could get much closer to them with the white iPhone than I could with my dark-bodied Canon.

For the yellow jacket photo, my phone was only a 1/2 inch away. It knew I was there too, but didn't seem concerned.

That all changed when I returned with the Canon because even when I cautiously got within 2 feet, that yellow jacket still took off like a shot.

See in nature, dark objects approaching from above usually spell trouble, so running for cover is much smarter than becoming someone's snack.

olloclip lens

These photos were taken with my iPhone 4 equipped with an olloclip quick-connect lens and a VERY steady hand.

Photography Tip:

Right before you shoot, take a deep breath, hold it, then hit the shutter. It really helps minimize the shakes!


Cabbage Butterfly


Aphid on Poppy


A Very Cooperative Yellow Jacket


Orb Spider


Bagrada Bug


Mystery Bug on Stained Glass


Honey Bee

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