• Application design
  • UX/UI development
  • Functional prototyping
  • Visual design

Client: Emotiv Lifesciences

MindSight was a mobile application developed for audience use at the TEDMED 2013 Conference. Its purpose was to record participant EEG signals to reveal how engaged, excited and emotionally connected their brains were during the speaker sessions.

Ten different sessions were held during the 4 day conference. Each session included 20 MindSight participants and lasted 1 - 1.5 hours.

Process summary

During a session, EEG recordings were sent directly to the Emotiv Lifesciences cloud sever for analysis and processing. Once the session concluded, individual reports were sent out to every participant – including TEDMED – for sharing socially.


To develop a fully functioning mobile application – start to finish – in just under two months.

My role

My role was to design the application, document its functionality, build a prototype and create final visual comps in three weeks for handoff to our Vietnam-based engineering team.


In spite of inherent time-zone challenges, this amazing team was able to build an almost perfect initial version in only a few days, giving us more time for fine-tuning before the conference began.

Providing clear, concise UI documentation and prototyping was a crucial factor.


Providing concise product documentation and final assets to the developers before they began to code, expedited the development process considerably.

Define, design, and deploy! – It's that simple.


Process Diagram


Application Architecture


Wire Frames


Visual Asset Documents

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