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Client: Omote Inc.

Omote was developed to provide a single remote solution for integrating and controlling multiple smart devices on one TV screen.

Designed with online video services like Hulu and Netflix in mind, the Omote device offers some unique features that clearly sets it apart from other remotes.

Omote has built-in motion sensors that makes it easy to manipulate items on screen using natural, intuitive gestures. Simply point to the show you want to see, and tap to select.

Omote also supports typing with a full keyboard that was completely re-designed and optimized to use simple sweeping movements for entering text.

Working Omoto prototype

My Role

Aside from product development and branding, my key role was working on device ui and keyboard layout.

A nice little challenge because it involved designing an entirely new model for imputing text.

On top of that, the device itself was pretty small. To successfully operate it, you really needed little fingers and some decent motor skills. Combine that with wanting to exclusively compete in the US, and I didn't see the two being a good fit.

Ultimately, I’ll never know if I was right or wrong. Interest in the whole smart TV thing was pretty short-lived, and Omote’s window of opportunity closed before it could go into production.


Omote was conceived of and developed in 2011 when interest in internet TV and streaming services was starting to peak.


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