• Concept + pattern design
  • Hand fabrication


Phorusrhacos longissimus (AKA Terror Bird) was a large, flightless bird that lived around 62–2.5 million years ago.

At a hefty 250 lbs, P. longissimus stood about 8.5 feet tall and was aptly considered the apex predator of Miocene Patagonia.


Because this piece rests on slender legs and toes, quarter inch aluminum armature wire was used to support the pose. The legs and toes were bulked up using layers of heat shrink tubing, then covered in Ultrasuede to match the beak.

One of the fun things about doing ancient animals is that you have creative license on coloring. This piece was hand-dyed using a combination of gold metallic paint, white acrylic, and Tria markers.

The body was studded with a combination of tiny 18kt vermeil flowers and 22kt seed beads.


Sculpture dimensions: 12" x 10.5"
Materials: Super dense faux fur, Ultrasuede, quarter inch armature wire, silk ribbons, 22kt seed beads, 3mm 18kt vermeil flowers, and the magical scary-sharp scissors.
Display Method: Free standing


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