• UI design
  • Visual design
  • Iconography
  • Game logo concepts

Client: Zynga

Hidden Shadows is a supernatural crime thriller that involves searching for clues and solving murders in the corrupt city of Gracetown.

To close cases faster, players can team up with friends, earn badges to access the Crime Lab, or even uncover hidden clues by summoning the spirits of the dead.

Working on this project was really fun because the storyline was more mature and refreshingly dark. Plus, the hidden object scenes were exquisitely done in a rather spooky, Louisiana voodoo kinda way – which meant I got a break from cartoony fonts and sugar-coated colors for a while.

During three or so months I was on the project, I worked on two distinct design phases. Each phase explored a different visual ui treatment, with the second phase being partially implemented for user testing/review.

In the end, I think I designed over 50 unique game icons, the Phase 2 Landing page, plus numerous menus, dialogs, and pop-ups, and tons of logo explorations.

Best of all I got to work with one of the finest and most respected Art Directors in the Game Industry – Margaret Foley-Mauvais. Man, projects just go smoother when Margaret’s at the helm.


Ironically, this game fell victim to a little foul play of its own about a year ago.


Phase 1 Explorations


Phase 2 Explorations


Phase 2 Landing Page Case Icons

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