• Concept + pattern design
  • Hand fabrication

Project History

Earlier this year I was commissioned by a colleague to design a toy of his wife's beloved weimaraner for a special Mother's Day gift.

Emma has several distinguishing features, so I worked from photos provided by my client for reference. From the spots on her nose to her crinkled left ear, capturing these features required serious attention to detail.

Every inch of her fur was scissor trimmed by hand, which is why I use very high quality – and dense – faux fur from France. You can cut almost to the nape and still get good coverage.

For other pieces I'll use my hallmark black eyes. However, the color of a Weimaraner's is very distinct, so this piece required them to be custom made.



Just like a skeleton, my pieces always start with a wire armature. This lets you to set the scale from the get go, and is critical in designing the pattern. Once that's done, I start with the head and built out the toy.

Emma's mouth was fully detailed with custom poly-styrene teeth, Ultra-suede gums and a tongue. The fur was meticulously hand-dyed using a combination of Copic markers and other magical things.

For her collar, I used velvet ribbon edged in Kreinik 1/16 Gold embroidery tape laminated on an Ultrasuede backing. The collar was finished with five little brass studs, a buckle and tags.


Sculpture dimensions: 15" x 14"
Materials: Imported French faux fur, Ultrasuede, velvet, polystyrene, aluminum wire (armature), and weapon grade scary-sharp scissors.
Display Method: Free standing


If you'd like to know more about this piece or are interested in having something custom built.