• Logo + app icon design
  • Promotional ad concepts
  • Visual design

Client: Zynga

Three months prior to making their critical Christmas product launch, the Words on Tour Art Director brought me in to help in multiple areas of design.

One part of my job was to work directly with Marketing by designing 4 distinct Advertising suites and other creative assets for both internal and external initiatives. By having a dedicated designer of Marketing, the game design team was able to remain focused on their important final deliverables without interruption.

After rigorous A/B testing each of the 4 suites performed beyond expectations. They collectively had the highest click rate of any Words product advertising created to date.

The Words on Tour Logo and the high visibility product application icon was another of my design responsibilities. I provided extensive explorations and numerous rounds of improvements. Towards the end you had to look pretty hard and long just to tell where things changed, the icon tweaks became so refined.

14 rounds

(Actually there were 15 app icon revision rounds.)

Personally, I don't mind making changes. It's my job to explore as many options as my clients need to make their product right.

All in all, this 3 month project was such a blast! First, because I was able to participate in almost every aspect of the game. Second, because I got to work with such a fantastic bunch of super smart, talented people.


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