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Client: Zynga

Over the two + years I consulted for Zynga, I was fortunate to have worked with a few different groups. From marketing and advertising to branding and game UI, it's actually the part I love most about being a consultant – tons of variety and never a dull moment.

At one point I was even their favorite Facebook ad creative, which I have to admit was pretty fun. It was a nice break from dusty old flowcharts and wire frames.

Facebook Ad-lette

At first it was a challenge designing for Zynga. They like their colors saturated and child-like – I prefer mine emo and complicated. I wasn't used to fruity-flavored palettes, and it really messed with my design head.

Then I had the epiphany.

When I realized that they consistently picked the designs that looked color wrong to me, my Zynga world became a much easier place to work in – even if it did feel a little weird to design that way.

“Of all our contractors, you REALLY get the Zynga brand. Our colors, our style – everything!”

Yes I do.



2012 Promotional Holiday Campaign


Hidden Shadows - Concept Logos


Farmville 2 - Beta Testing Logo


Life Brands - Concept Logos

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